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September 2021

Are we the only ones that feel that this year is going by rather quickly? Soon we will be saying to each other “happy holidays” and “happy new years”. So we can only hope and wish that everyone is enjoying their time at hand.

It has been three months since we last opened our new space to everyone. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback received and how much it has filled us with gratitude by being able to greet and host long-time friends as well as the new friends made over this period of three months.

There is great news which has us working day and night so that everyone can enjoy them. Our NEW collection will be showcased on October 22nd!! And for this special event, we have a whole week planned with wonderful guests that’ll join us along to chat, discuss, laugh, eat, drink and enjoy this special and new step for TORIBIO&DONATO.

The NEW collection will be presented in Costa Rica in a very unique setting that surely everyone has heard about. Nonetheless, it’ll be a little secret that will get revealed soon. But for those who can’t wait to know all the details, you are invited to visit us at DOMA Escalante, our new space, and catch a glimpse of the upcoming collection with some of the new pieces we have on display and for sale ;). Every Thursday there will be new and fresh pieces coming in from our atelier.

From the DOMA family of TORIBIO&DONATO, Sul Tavolo and Florentina, we all hope that you can get the chance to visit our space made by designers and we will eagerly wait for you to join us in a wonderful evening or afternoon alongside our delicious food and lovely tropical scenery.

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