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News July 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

We welcome you to our Newsletter!

It has been a while since we last kept you up to date on any occurrence regarding our brand, hope you don’t think that we have forgotten about you. On the contrary! This time away has been to devote all of our energy, passion and creativity to our biggest project thus far, and now with tremendous happiness and excitement we can finally say “WE’RE OPEN”.

We’ve proudly been part of Barrio Escalante’s community for 4 years now and with our new home called DOMA, well, we’re in it for the long run, to say the least. A space in which a classic Spanish eclectic architecture meets modern interior design while still honoring and preserving the beauty of its previous foundations and history.

In DOMA our vision and purpose is to give our beloved guests a different experience where fashion, fine dining, landscape, art, architecture and interior design come together to provide a unique atmosphere and energy.

It all starts with the four men who sat down one day and decided to make this idea come to life. Diego, Oscar, Marcel and Adrian (DOMA) are the ones steering this beautiful ship. Both Diego and Marcel take part in running the restaurant while Oscar and Adrian are responsible for Toribio&Donato’s store and the brand itself.

Our chef and brilliant historian and chess player is no other than Richard Neat whose genius is behind every single dish that is prepared and served and that without a doubt will delight you with a culinary experience.

Furthermore, Carolina Villavicencio, founder and flower designer of Florentina will have her own space in our home. When she decided to start her business 10 years ago, she thought of a modern proposal for floral design and composition that would take weddings, birthday parties, dinners, corporate events and personalized flower arrangements to a unique approach.

In addition, S U L T A V O L O will join us to bring in Costa Rica a wide selection of recognized European and American brands with world-renowned designs. They have the highest demands on products and on themselves to offer an extraordinary experience. They put everything “S U L T A V O L O” -on the table ... on the table, we transform the day to day into unique experiences…. on the table, they build relationships, strengthen ties, create memories, fulfill dreams.

Finally, Toribio&Donato is proud to announce two new collections. First comes the formal/casual collection with basic pieces that every woman should have in their closets, like the classic pencil dress, a jumpsuit and an oversize blazer jacket. Secondly and the one that excites us in an unimaginable way is the bridal collection where the craftsmanship, elegance, dedication, passion and attention to detail will come to shine.

We all hope that you can get the chance to visit us and we will eagerly wait for you to join us in a wonderful evening or afternoon alongside our delicious food and lovely tropical scenery.

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