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FW - 2021

HOPE is a collection made exclusively from Latin American materials and designed and produced in Costa Rica. It explores minimalism through sustainable materials and zero waste patterns. HOPE successfully transforms waste into applications that provide texture, volume and uniqueness to each one of the pieces. 


In this collection we used textiles obtained from sustainable recycling techniques, a vital part of the process. We worked with second-hand denim clothing; reused cotton flower waste and waste from traditional maquilas to spin and create these new textiles. 


The confection of vegan leather (made out of nopal) along with a cultivation that demands a low amount of water and strong chemicals for its maintenance, makes it an incredible sustainable source for obtaining one of the materials that make the brand so unique.


Each collection is made in our atelier located in San José, Costa Rica; an inclusive space, free of discrimination, however, HOPE is a collection produced during times of COVID from the homes of our collaborators.



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