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Fashion is shit

SS 2020

We used textiles made of on organic fibers to create a 100% linen collection re-interpreting the Street Style. 


Gray, pink and green was our color palette for this season, materialized through silhouettes based on simple lines, bringing luxury to everyday life according to our vision.

Fashion, as we know, is the second industry that pollutes the most and also one that generates forced and illegal labour. 

Fashion does not stop growing and with this the inequality, poverty and abuse of natural resources. "Fashion is shit" more than a criticism is a call to join forces. We as an industry have the capacity to re-invent ourselves, transforming not only our industry but also our legacy to future generations. 


Let's make visible, educate, sensitize, and use our platforms to generate change. We want our message to go far, so we invite you to join us.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Fashion is shit Collection
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