This christmas share hope with those you love.

"This christmas share hope with those you love."

These holidays share a better future through the history behind your gift.

When you gift TORIBIO&DONATO, we know that there's more behind the intention than just giving out a product. We know that you do it for its mission, its meaning, and for a fair and inclusive future.

This Christmas is going to be different. Surely we will not be able to see or hug all the people we would usually, or even do a marathon of the Christmas movies or songs that we love so much. Nor many other traditions that we will miss so much.

But, and if you could choose, what would you give that person (s)? The entire T&D team has been thinking a lot about this, and what we really would like is to be able to give our family, friends, and each one of you the chance to see a better future. The ideal future that each of you deserves.

Therefore for these last weeks of 2020, we want to share real stories filled with hope and joy for the chance of glimpsing into a better future surrounded by all of your loved ones.

We want you to be able to trace and explain the history behind your gift. A tale of courage, effort, family, and optimism. A seed of the future in which we want to live.

To know the history behind us and our products, go to the "Behind the garment" section that you will find in the descriptions of all Ethical Time products. We encourage you to know the stories of your gifts and to tell them to the people who receive them. Also, with each purchase, we will send you a small thank you message with the importance of consuming responsibly and the history of T&D.

Thank you for the journey through this year, for every like, share, comment, or purchase. Every gesture counts and helps us to continue through our efforts for a better future.

“Free shipping worldwide”

For your security we enabled 4 different forms of payment. Feel free to use the one that suits you best. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our chat.


HOPE, a collection made with 100% Latin American materials, designed and made in Costa Rica, explores minimalism in its pieces through sustainable materials and a zero waste pattern where waste is transformed into applications that provide texture, volume and uniqueness to each one of the pieces.

HOPE is a collection produced during times of COVID from the homes of our collaborators.

“19” WOMAN, a capsule collection created in “quarantine times”. Made from 100% silk and designed to express comfort and elegance at home.

With this Collection, made from the home of each of our collaborators, we share our commitment and vision with you.

Four different pieces in Four colors. Designed and made from the safety of our homes to be enjoyed by you.

Bamboo, In this collection we focus our design to achieve simple lines exalting the beauty and rawness of our textiles.

Bamboo is the most important material in our collection for this season, we combine it with linen, cotton and denim, providing the versatility to create an incredible collection of 20 complete looks.

The bags in this collection were the perfect complement for a simple, versatile, elegant and sustainable style.

TORIBIO 3529, Ave 11, between 35 and 37 streets, Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica 10101

Tuesday - Saturday:

10 am - 7 pm

Sunday: Close

Monday: By appointment only

(+506) 2253-0771

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Address: 11th Avenue, between 35 & 37 streets, Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica.

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