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April 1st, 2020 – June 1st, 2020

Luxury and Sustainability

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Let’s keep it sustainable!


In this collection we present a new line of minimalist fashion. A process that took a year to complete an innovative method to develop a new pattern from zero.

Inspired by the practicality of urban life, transformed through the simplicity of our lines as well as the richness of our textiles. For this collection we collaborated with MINIWIZ (company based in Taiwan) to produce 420 yards of fabric. Using 5210 plastic bottles to create amazing textiles, proposing a new collection with a minimalist look and a great finish.

Designer selection for you!

Lettering Jacket

"Trash is a design mistake". This beautiful Jacket reflects our urban style and the rediscovery of our DNA. Made from recycled plastic bottles, waterproof and micro-plastic free.

2019 52TEN - Fall/Winter Collection

Textile made in collaboration with MINIWIZ.

The Bomber Jacket

"The Bomber Jacket". A reinterpretation that plays with the silhouette through volumes and shapes. Made from recycled plastic bottles, waterproof and micro-plastic free. Ideal to be used over a dress on a rainy day or night.

2019 52TEN - Fall/Winter Collection.

Textile made in collaboration with MINIWIZ.

The Perfect GIFT

"The Always Young Wallet". The perfect gift for the ones you love. Fresh made from our atelier, this wallet is made out of Italian leather with a special compartment for coins, bills and cards. Ideal to keep your belongings safe, with a practical zipper to close. 

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TORIBIO 3529, Ave 11, Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica 10101

(+506) 2253-0771

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